Issue Configuring Internet Facing Deployment in Dynamics CRM 2016

By Ryan Talsma, CRM Product Manager

In this post, and many yet to come, I’ll be blogging about Microsoft Dynamics CRM: technical information, usage, customer success stories and many more aspects of the product. I am the CRM Product Manager at InterDyn BMI and have spent over 4 years as a CRM technical and support consultant. During this time, I have done 20+ CRM installs/upgrades, working with systems all the way back to CRM 3.0.

I wanted to share an issue with deploying Microsoft CRM 2016 that I have come across a few times regarding the configuration of the Internet Facing Deployment (IFD). The issue occurs when you enter your external domain in the configuration wizard but Microsoft CRM does not allow you to click “Next”. As you can see in my screenshot below, the next button is still faded out and I cannot continue.

Since it was just a development environment, I did get this resolved the first time by doing a re-install of CRM (simply repairing CRM doesn’t work), although this is obviously a sub-optimal solution. However, a few weeks later I had it happen again in a production environment and I needed a better option. I was able to bypass the issue by configuring the IFD via PowerShell by simply running the commands below.

NOTE: Make sure you run them one at a time. Copying and pasting the entire block at once does not work. Also “dev” and “auth” are interchangeable with whatever DNS prefixes you are using:

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Crm.PowerShell
$ifd = Get-CrmSetting -SettingType “IfdSettings”
$ifd.Enabled = 1
$ifd.DiscoveryWebServiceRootDomain = ‘’
$ifd.ExternalDomain = ‘’
$ifd.OrganizationWebServiceRootDomain = ‘’
$ifd.WebApplicationRootDomain = ‘’
Set-CrmSetting $ifd

From here, you should be able to re-open your Deployment Manager and see that the IFD is now enabled and that you can navigate the wizard as needed.

This is a known issue by Microsoft. For additional information on how to configure the IFD via PowerShell, check out this TechNet article from Microsoft.

About Ryan Talsma:
Ryan Talsma is the CRM Product Manager at InterDyn BMI, who has previously spent time as a functional, technical, and support consultant. Ryan has extensive experience in CRM installs, upgrades, IFD/AD FS implementations, JavaScript, workflows, solution architecture, and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as well as On Premise. 

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