Help! I Created a User As My CRMService Account!

By Ryan Talsma, CRM Product Manager

I wanted to take a minute and share a support case I recently had with a customer. Here’s an important thing to know about Microsoft CRM: You should never create the CRMService account as a user in CRM (this is not the same as the CRM Admin Account you used to run the install). When this customer called for help, I was able to witness what happens if you do. When the CRMService account is created as a user in CRM, you will be prompted with a license error and ALL users will be locked out of the organization that the user was added to (other orgs still work), so just deleting the user isn’t an option anymore.

While searching online, I found a couple suggestions that I would consider to be much “higher risk” solutions that I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying in a production environment. After testing a couple ideas, what I found to work best was:

  • Back up all organizations within the CRM environment you are working within.
  • Run a repair on CRM via add/remove programs.
  • Change all services running under CRMService to NT Authority/Network Service (or any other service account that is not a user in CRM).
  • Open CRM after the repair completes (you should be able to access the org again).
  • Delete the user in CRM that was created for CRMService.
  • Run the repair again and change the services back to CRMService.

Hopefully none of you will come across this, but by following these steps, you will be able to correct the situation to allow all users back into CRM.

This article is applicable to all versions of Microsoft CRM on premise.

About Ryan Talsma:
Ryan Talsma is the CRM Product Manager at InterDyn BMI, who has previously spent time as a functional, technical, and support consultant. Ryan has extensive experience in CRM installs, upgrades, IFD/AD FS implementations, JavaScript, workflows, solution architecture, and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as well as On Premise. 

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