Installing CRM for Outlook: A Solution to Your Pending Restart Error

By Ryan Talsma, CRM Product Manager

I wanted to take a minute and share an issue I came across when troubleshooting a CRM for Outlook Client Install. To provide some background on my specific situation, I was trying to install CRM 2016 for Outlook on a Windows 10 machine that had prior versions of CRM for Outlook installed previously.

The Error

When trying to run the CRM for Outlook installer, I received the following warning:

Upon further investigation into the log file, I found an error stating:

09:51:59| Error | Microsoft update reports pending reboot required to complete updates

09:51:59| Warning | Error RebootError

09:51:59| Info | Pending restart is required

Obviously from this point I tried restarting, which didn’t work. I also tried several other solutions that I found while searching for a solution such as: running windows update, deleting temp files, trying to install prior versions and upgrading them directly, etc. Unfortunately, none of these worked.

My Solution

What did work was uninstalling, and reinstalling my Microsoft Office. I know, this is not an ideal solution, however, it certainly would have saved me a considerable amount of time had I just done this from the beginning. I would also consider this solution “safer” for a non-technical person who doesn’t feel comfortable making changes to the registry, deleting folders, etc., which is what many of the proposed solutions I found online suggested I do, and in the end, didn’t end up solving my issue anyways.

About Ryan Talsma:

Ryan Talsma is the CRM Product Manager at InterDyn BMI, who has previously spent time as a functional, technical, and support consultant. Ryan has extensive experience in CRM installs, upgrades, IFD/AD FS implementations, JavaScript, workflows, solution architecture, and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as well as On Premise.


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